The Redbud line: Multi-Cut Blanking at Ponce Metals Inc

This state of the art Redbud Industries Redline is what makes most of our services so efficient. We've helped our clients save time and money for almost 20 years with this machine. Watch this video to learn more about this awesome steel processing machine.

What is Multi-Cut Blanking? Steel processing Experts

Redbud Industries state of the art Multi-Cut Blanking line is used at Ponce Metals Inc. for maximum efficiency in our steel processing business.

Multi-Cut Blanking Steel Processing Facility

Multi-Cut Blanking

When a company needs steel processing services time and speed are always on the forfront of our minds for our clients. Steel processing has evolved in many ways with newer and better machines to get the job done right and fast.

Ponce Metals Inc has a Multi-Cut Blanking Red Line. This is a Cut-to-Length line which also incorporates a Slitting Head for maximum efficiency.

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A clean and orderly facility helps maximize efficiency.

A clean and orderly facility helps maximize efficiency.

Close Tolerance Blanking

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